Psychological Evaluation?

What is a psychological evaluation?

Psychological testing is a process in which a licensed psychologist uses specialized testing instruments to assess cognitive performance, personality characteristics, interpersonal functioning, and/or specific symptoms to assist in diagnosis or identification of psychological factors to inform treatment of cognitive or psychological disorders, provide recommendations for factors related to health behaviors (such as weight loss or preparedness for intensive surgery), or recommendations for the treatment of psychological disorders.

Psychological testing typically consists of a psychological interview, multiple hours of testing, and a feedback session. Psychologists attempt to complete all aspects of testing within the shortest time possible, generally over the course of several weeks.

There is a special type of testing called forensic testing, which is different from other types of psychological testing in its operations and purpose. Forensic testing includes not only testing for matters related to court functions, both criminal and civil, but may also include fitness-for-duty evaluations that are required for certain professions or work environments. These professions or work environments generally include positions that have a higher degree of authority, responsibility, and/or stress.

How can I benefit from testing?

Psychological testing can have many benefits from helping to identify diagnoses that are more difficult to classify, to assisting you and your healthcare providers in better understanding your current treatment needs. Many people find psychological testing to be helpful when they are feeling stuck in some way.

What types of testing are available at Waco Psychological?

At Waco psychological, we provide a wide array of testing thanks in part to our large clinical staff. Types of testing include: Adult and Child ADHD testing; psychodiagnostic testing for complicated treatment concerns such as bipolar disorder, complicated PTSD, and personality disorders; Learning Disorders; Pre-bariatric surgery testing; Pre-spinal surgery testing; fitness for duty evaluations; Adult and Adolescent(ages 13+) testing for Autism Spectrum Disorders; cognitive testing related to problems with age-related memory difficulties; and psychological evaluation of decision-making and independence capacity to be used for a ruling of incompetence by the courts when seeking legal guardianship of an adult or applying for a ruling of restoration of competence when seeking to terminate adult guardianship.

Notice of Cost for testing not covered by insurance:

Please note that not all psychological testing is covered by insurance, and individual healthcare plans vary with regard to types of testing covered. Evaluations not covered by insurance typically include testing for learning disabilities or forensic testing. Additional service beyond the testing that is also considered part of typical healthcare can also incur a cost. Our front office staff are happy to verify your insurance coverage and provide you with an estimate of cost.